Our new products in Innoval: Pastrami and My Bacon

8 May 2018

Innovation is one of our basic values to continue improving day after day. We work with the best qualities to obtain new tasty products, which allow us to offer them to different people and countries.

For this reason, Innoval received two of our products. Innoval is a space of the exhibition reserved for innovative and original products. In this show room, we could see almost 300 new products, which are relevant for incorporating new tastes, for its original textures and formats.

Innoval was a great idea to meet a market that advance without limits. It currently has more than 110 showcases and 82 participating companies.

Our two products in Innoval were:

Pastrami: a deli meat cooked product made with beef meat. After a brine spices process, the meat is traditional smoked with oak wood. The result is a tasty product with intense flavour. Currently can be found as a whole piece, in halves or sliced.

My bacon: A bacon that retains all the flavour, texture, smell and appearance of the traditional bacon but rejects the use of additives in its preparation. The singularity of its ingredients keeps the essence of the taste and flavour. Sensation on the whole piece as well as in slices.

Have you already tried these products? Surely, they will conquer all your senses.