14 December 2020
We continue innovating with our new range of Selección sliced meats, introducing two new arrivals, Bacon Burger and Beef Pastrami.

Bacon Burger. Served in round slices. Especially made for burgers! A high-quality product made from slowly tenderised bacon centres, allergen-free and naturally smoked with beech wood.

Beef Pastrami. Legendary product from New York, made with beef marinated with spices, cooked slowly and naturally smoked with beech wood. A product with a unique flavour to enjoy in sandwiches, salads, carpaccio, or grilled to bring out its aromatic flavour.

The Selección range of sliced meats is made from slowly tenderised whole pieces, offering the consumer allergen-free products with a high meat content and a fresh, balanced flavour.

New packaging. We’ve improved our packaging with an image which allows the product and its characteristics to be seen clearly and simply.